Backlinks are links which one website gets for another.
Having good backlinks is a very important factor for your SEO which you should include in your SEO checklist now.

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Because backlinks are important there are lots of bad practices like buying backlinks, backlink exchange networks, selling backlinks are followed to get backlinks. However, sooner or later Search engines deindex or penalize the website because it is not recommended by most of the Search engines.

In fact, the recent Google algorithm updates of Panda and Penguin were the latest interventions in a long history of fighting unethical link building and spam content sites.

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So now we know that unethical practices to build backlinks is not encouraged unless if you want to get penalized or deindexed.

Learn more about backlinks here:

Here we are going to discuss the Best 7 ethical ways of building your backlinks.



  • 1) Guest Blogging/Posting

You ask any Digital Marketer give me one best way to build links and I bet their first answer is going to be Guest posting/Blogging. Guest posting/blogging is just the right straight forward way to build your links.

Guest posting/Blogging is where you write an article and post it on someone else’s website/blog with your author bio. Apart from link building it also helps you to build your brand awareness with the potential audience.

  • 2) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a process where you have to comment on webpages or blogs with your backlink in it. But over the years Blog commenting is not considered to be worth their while because of the rise in spammy comments. Blog comments are no longer a high priority tactic for link builders.

Former Google Engineer Matt Cutts perfectly explained the difference between spammy blog comments good blog comments: the key is leaving topically relevant comments on topically relevant sites.
So find high-quality websites to comment. Search for an article most relevant to your target audience and comment.

For example something like this:

Make sure you even be nice to the author. Start with his name and then your comment and close it with a thank you or something.

and stay away from commenting spammy comments.

  • 3) Q&A forums

Q&A forums are also a great way to build your links.

Find a Forum. I use Quora.
Create a nice profile, answer questions that you are well versed with. Add Images, add your link to your website(Remember not to be spammy).

One thing we have to keep in mind is that most of the Q&A forums give a nofollow for your backlink. However, it is also necessary to get nofollow backlinks, it wouldn’t impact on your SEO.

But one advantage of posting in Q&A forums is you get audience or customers who are really searching for what you are offering.

  • 4) Photo sharing

Photo sharing is the best and easiest way to promote your website and brand. In the digital market world, photo sharing is the most prominent way for off page SEO and product promotion.

This technique is used to attract visitors to the website without rich content.

  • 5) Business Listing

Getting your business listed in business listing sites not only helps you get potential customers but also have Google trust your website.

So when you business list your website and your business gets more positive reviews than your competitor, Google takes this as a ranking factor. So get started with listing your business.

  • 6) Press Release

Press releases are really necessary for you if you want the people to know about the topic. If press release appears in the news section of Google Search, it will drive traffic to your website which also creates your brand awareness. You can also get direct value from the link of the site.

The indirect value you can get from a press release is just sky. If your press release is unique, valuable, attention-grabbing and expressive, then maybe your article is picked up by the newspaper, media or any blog. Consider the golden link that you get creating buzz and all the referral traffic.

For more details on how to create a press release:

  • 7) Document sharing

Googlebot and BingBot access metadata to read the pdf you upload on any file sharing website. PDF file rank the same way regular webpages rank. The PDF files are ranked by search engines and distribute the content across the web.

So these were the 7 way to start building your backlinks. If you know more, please feel free to share it here so that our other readers are also benefitted.


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